Criminal Law

This law branch is considered the most meticulous type of public law due to its close connection to human life and to the aggressions threatening man’s life, honor, and property. In addition to what is implemented by penal provisions for the protection of public money, it needs accuracy in the understanding of the case at hand and applying the appropriate legal provisions, especially since defendants are often deprived of their liberty pending final judgment, as in cases of embezzlement and money usurpation, forgery, fraud or other crimes.

Our firm provides its clients with legal services in the field of criminal law and for all types of criminal cases, including the following:
• Attending preliminary investigations.
• Representation of our clients in Criminal Procedures.
• Representation of our clients against civil allegations of criminal cases.
• Claims in civil lawsuits for compensation for Criminal offenses.
• Appeals against penal sentences.
• Preparation and submission of data and preparation of various types of summonses and subpoenas for the courts.
• Provision of sponsorship requests.
• Appeals against arrest decisions or arrest extensions.

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