Corporate and commercial affairs

Our firm is one of the leading law firms providing legal services relating to all types of businesses based on having a distinguished and carefully selected group of legal advisers. Following are the most important legal functions we render for commercial companies:

• Completing procedures for obtaining licenses for branches of foreign companies in Saudi Arabia.
• Amending companies› statuaries and proceeding for their amendment and registration.
• Completing legal procedures regarding changing or amending corporate activity after its establishment, converting or merging.
• Representation of Saudi companies and institutions abroad by providing legal advice, interpretation of laws, overcoming work difficulties, contract drafting and interpretation, settlement of disputes relating to their work before judicial or administrative competent authorities, developing internal work regulations consistent with foreign laws and regulations, and registration of trademarks and brand names.
• Representation of Saudi and foreign companies inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all judicial and administrative matters related to their work in the Kingdom, and offering them legal consultations regarding learning and interpretation national systems and laws.
• obtaining their necessary legal licenses.
• Preparation and review of various types of commercial contracts and Bussiness 15
negotiation with third parties on their terms, requirements and amendments. • Drafting and formulating different corporate contracts, starting with companies and commercial entities’ establishment and procedures for obtaining their necessary legal licenses.
• Following up corporate legal affairs and offering legal consultations regarding their work, such as distribution of profits and losses, election of Board of Director members and officers, the organization of legal affairs of the board meetings, voting on the resolutions, and the appointment and firing company executives.
• Organization of legal affairs in regards to the conducting of regular and non- regular corporate general assembly meetings and the decisions that may be taken legally.
• Elaboration, preparation, drafting, and official registration of commercial agencies’ contracts, with official authorities and settlement of disputes arising from them.
• Development and modification of internal regulations regarding the work of trade companies and their certification by the concerned authorities. • Providing legal advice concerning the organization of business records and the data that should be contained therein.
• Providing legal consultations on commercial mortgage and pursing procedures for its redemption and sale of mortgaged money.
• Taking legal actions for company liquidation and pursing liquidation proceedings.
• Commercial debt settlement and taking legal actions for protecting the merchant against bankruptcy • Monitoring the implementation of commercial debt settlement protective of bankruptcy, and taking legal actions concerning its dissolution.
• Our firm provides its expertise in the preparation of corporate governance regulations for joint stock companies, according to the Saudi financial market system.
• Taking legal actions for merchant’s declaration of bankruptcy.
• Taking legal actions necessary for submission of provisional and final measures to the Ministerial Committee and the Standing Committee of controlling harmful practices in international trade of Gulf Cooperation Council Countries and implementing these measures after being approved.
• Taking legal actions for registering, protecting and sale of brand names and trademarks.
• Family companies’ corporate governance.
• Corporate restructuring and family businesses.

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