Real Estate

Real-estate legal services are a major component of the legal services provided by Al Zuabi Law Firm. We support our clients working in all real-estate investment sectors. We have a team of consultants with in-depth legal expertise in real-estate property laws, and we offer integrated services in all stages of the real-estate lifespan. Following are some of our most important legal services:

• Resolving real-estate disputes, including litigation and arbitration.
• Providing legal consultation concerning the organization and modification of real-estate contracts, such as real-estate mortgage, development, acquisition, joint-project contracts, and diverse types of leases, such as residential, commercial, governmental, private sector, short term, and long term.
• Providing legal consultations necessary for businessmen, investment and real-estate developing companies specialized in sale, purchase, lease of residential units and commercial establishments, and follow-up procedures for the sale and liquidation of plots.
• Representation of our clients in all phases of real-estate litigations and related legal proceedings, such as mortgage, rent, investment, evacuation etc. • Representation of local, regional and international companies specialized in 13 management, operation, and maintenance of hotels, touristic resorts, and commercial establishments, and the drafting of all related documents to management, operation, and maintenance agreements, and technical assistance agreements / specifications, and standards.
• Completion of legal procedures required for transfer and registration of real estate property and property titles.
• Representation of clients in lawsuits related to expropriation compensations and real-estate re-evaluation, and following-up compensation receipt procedures through the courts, enforcement departments and the Ministry of Finance.
• Representing clients in legal issues and procedures related to endowments’ transfer from Mecca and Medina to outside them. •Representation of principals of endowments in all legitimate and legal procedures necessary to follow up on their endowment affairs with all governmental and private-sector agencies.
• Transfer of real-estate property by acquisition or assignment of all types of property, and meeting any regulatory or legislative requirements to that effect.
• Providing legal consultations on all matters relating to rent and organization of all aspects of the legal relationship between landlords and tenants.
• Providing advice on the types of multipurpose real-estate development and issues related to joint ownership.
• Drafting and formulating all real-estate contracts and documents, such as sale, purchase, division, lease and partnership agreements.
• Providing legal work on the land use, planning and division.
• Providing legal advice on tax matters and diverse legal notices

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