Arbitration & Mediation (alterative means for dispute settelment)

Due to our commitment to the rules of professionalism, our firm defends the interests of its clients through effective litigation. If resorting to the judiciary is most apparent, we try to expedite the judicial process by satisfying the desire of our clients to resort to alternative means of dispute resolution, such as commercial mediation and arbitration, in all disputes which may be settled by such means, including trade, real estate, labor and intellectual property rights’ disputes. We have a group of consultants specialized in arbitration work, ranging from preparing arbitration documents and attending hearings to judgments and execution. Following are some of the most prominent legal services that we offer in this field:

• Preparation of arbitration documents and pursing the legal procedures regarding the formation of an arbitration tribunal.
• Representing the clients before arbitration tribunals and providing legal advice on the extent the arbitration proceedings and the rulings issued by the arbitration tribunal are legal and appealing against them.
• Providing legal advice on the enforcement of national and foreign arbitration judgments and pursuing their procedures.

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