Intellectual Property

Intellectual property Indicates creative thinking works. We work, on our part, closely with our clients to develop, manage, and protect their intellectual property, rights, and the arising benefit, including license agreements and their complementary conventions, and we provide integrated services on behalf of our clients for their products and services in Saudi Arabia and abroad. Following are our services in the field of intellectual property:

• Registration of brand names, patents, industrial designs, and trademarks.
• Conducting research for prior art work (logos) and preparation for obtaining their patents, in addition to conducting research on extent of freedom to use the patents in order to avoid any aggression that may occur on the freedom of use (FTO).
• Drafting patent applications in all electrical, computer, mechanical and chemical technology sectors.
• Submission and follow-up patent requests both locally and internationally and resolution of disputes relating to employees’ inventions.
• Submission and follow-up on brand and trademark registration and renewal requests both locally and internationally.
• Drafting license agreements and technology transfer agreements.
• Enforcement of intellectual property rights by representation before the competence of local and international courts.
• Registration of all types of copyright and neighboring rights, as well as advising our clients on the registration of their previous rights at the national, regional and international levels.
• Drafting all agreements relating to copyright and neighboring rights and licenses governing copyright and neighboring rights.

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